KEENON Robotics' DINERBOT T8 Honored with Japan’s 2023 Good Design Award

KEENON Robotics announces that its autonomous delivery robot, the DINERBOT T8, has been honored with the 2023 Good Design Award in Japan. This recognition emphasizes the robot's outstanding design, seamlessly integrating with everyday life scenarios, and prioritizing user-friendly features and usability. KEENON Robotics sees this award as a significant milestone, signifying excellence and innovation in the field of service robotics.

This distributor partnership, formalized through a business cooperation agreement, signifies the exclusive distributorship of DINERBOT T10, with the signing ceremony taking place at the Konica Minolta Hong Kong office at the AIRSIDE in Kai Tak.


The Good Design Award, in conjunction with the iconic G Mark, has been the hallmark of design excellence in Japan for over six decades. This accolade signifies more than just aesthetics; it symbolizes the transformative power of design to enrich individuals, society, and shape the future.


Comment from the Judging Committee (Translated from Japanese):


In an era witnessing the rise of serving robots, the DINERBOT T8 distinguishes itself with remarkable flexibility and agility, measuring 38.4cm in width. It achieves not only a sleek profile but also gracefully navigates narrow spaces. The slimmed-down physique and reduced volume, complemented by an endearing monitor, create an impressively lifelike presence. Furthermore, its tray, positioned at the rear, offers a 300-degree access angle, showcasing its innovative design. The DINERBOT T8 achieves a delicate balance, exuding charm and emitting a pleasant voice while dutifully fulfilling its tasks. Its approach is delightful and inviting. This exceptional fusion of functionality and charm holds paramount significance, catering to the diverse needs of a broad audience and underscoring its pivotal role.


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Meeting the Challenges of the Service Industry

In the service industry, the challenge of labor shortages looms large, compounded by the rapid expansion of the restaurant and hospitality sector, which intensifies the workload on employees. Boasting a compact 38.4cm body and the ability to navigate through narrow passages with a minimum clearance width of 55cm, the DINERBOT T8 emerges as a robotic solution capable of enhancing workforce retention and raising hospitality standards within the service sector.

Exceptional Functionality and Safety

The "DINERBOT T8" service robot ensures secure and precise serving and delivery operations, thanks to its shock-absorbing chassis. Its versatility extends across diverse environments, encompassing restaurants, hotels, bars, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and more.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Upon reaching its destination, the robot's illuminated signals and voice-guided instructions, coupled with an intuitive touch screen interface, guide customers to retrieve their orders conveniently. The user-friendly tray, boasting a maximum access angle of 300 degrees, facilitates a seamless dining experience across various establishments. Additionally, equipped with a three-dimensional vision system, the DINERBOT T8 can detect obstacles as low as 5cm, averting collisions with people and objects and preventing falls from staircases, thereby ensuring a high level of safety.

Efficiency and Autonomy

Its compact build enables agile maneuverability through intricate environments and narrow corridors. The intuitive design features, such as sensor-based plate detection on the tray and a sizable touch screen, ensure effortless operation from any angle. Furthermore, when the battery level drops below a preset threshold, the robot autonomously navigates to the optimal charging station via the most efficient route, enabling automatic recharging.

Engaging Customer Interactions

Beyond its functional prowess and safety features, the DINERBOT T8 interacts with customers through its svelte and endearing aesthetics, coupled with ten unique expressions displayed on its screen.

KEENON Robotics is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in service robotics. With the DINERBOT T8's remarkable recognition at the 2023 Good Design Award in Japan, we are not only celebrating a significant milestone but also reaffirming our dedication to designing and delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the way we live and work. As we continue to evolve and refine our robotics technology, we look forward to transforming industries, addressing real-world challenges, and contributing to a future where technology seamlessly integrates with human needs and experiences.



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